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Traveller of the Week: Natasha Sanderson

Our fave traveller for the week of April 22nd, 2013



Natasha Sanderson


Melbourne, Australia

Contiki trips taken
European Encounter (Winter)

Contiki ‘day song’
On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons

Favourite country visited
It's a tie between the Netherlands and France. The Netherlands because it was the first place I got to visit on my Contiki - it was just so different compared to home. The landscape in Holland was absolutely beautiful and everyone was so friendly. I loved France too, because the French Riviera had such nice weather and great shops! Paris was incredible, we we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower on Christmas Day - it was the best Christmas I've ever had.

Favourite city visited
Definitely Amsterdam because it was so outrageously different to anywhere I’ve been. It is also a bonus that everyone speaks English, so it made it a lot easier to communicate and get around the city.

Favourite part of the Contiki trip
I loved spending Christmas and New Year's Eve with my new Contiki friends - we had so much fun together! It was also great that I found people that live in my area in Melbourne - very cool that we had met on the other side of the world.

Favourite photo from the trip
The photos from Christmas were my favourite because I was spending time with my Contiki family and it made things a lot easier with not being at home. We had a great night - our tour manager dressed up as Santa and we all bought gifts for our secret Santa to make things more fun! It was such an amazing Christmas, some of us wore our Christmas jumpers and others wore the Contiki hoodies. We sang karaoke and had a good night considering we weren’t with our family on such an important day. It’s a Christmas that I will never forget!

Next trip
My next trip is definitely going to be another Contiki - I'm planning to do the Grand Southern in America and the Grand Canadian in Canada. They look amazing!

I did everything I could to make my trip the most amazing time of my life, taking each day as it came. I did things that I wouldn’t do back in Australia, going out of my comfort zone, like exploring the streets of Rome and even attempting to speak Italian! Doing a Contiki was the best thing for me and I was just hoping it would never end.

Cheers to Natasha for sharing her travel story. Do YOU want to be Contiki's Traveller of the Week? Send us a tweet to let us know why YOU'RE the ultimate Contiki traveller!

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