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Why We Love Europe

The continent with the biggest attitude of all



How do you sum up a continent that has just about everything a travel lover could wish for? PERFECTION. The smells, the sounds, the sights, the way it makes you feel like anything is possible – there’s literally nothing we don’t love about Europe (except the fact that we can’t spend ALL of our time exploring it, damn you bank account).

If you’ve ever been part of the Contiki family, you’ll know that when we hit Europe, we hit Europe HARD. Epic days of sightseeing, once in a lifetime #NOREGRETS moments and culture coming out of your ears is all part of the Contiki Europe experience. And that’s before the sun goes down. Here are just a few reasons why Europe will always be our one and only:

#NOREGRETS Moments at every turn

Everyone has a bucket list of things they need to do before they die. Whether it’s something small (have a conversation with a complete stranger) or something completely epic (bungee jumping over the Swiss Alps), anything’s possible in Europe. Perhaps you wanted to share a kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower, or wind your way around Venice on a gondola. A trip to Europe is full of moments you’ve always thought/dreamed/talked/fantasised/wished about, and guaranteed you will leave with absolutely #NOREGRETS.

Languages to fall in love to

The passion, the romance, the aggression…and that’s just the Spanish! Amazingly there are over 200 languages spoken in Europe, but (good news for us) most people can also speak/understand English. If like us this makes you feel somewhat ignorant, there’s only one thing for it – move to Italy/Spain/Germany/France/the Netherlands for 6 months and learn the lingo! You’ll soon be participating in fiery arguments with Italian nonnas, intellectualising with German philosophers and falling in love with Spanish senoritas.

Food so good you won’t care if you get fat

Leave your body hang-ups and portion control mindset at border control because when your enter Europe, you eat. Fresh baguettes and croissants in Paris, wheels of Edam cheese in Amsterdam, mounds of pasta al forno in Rome and the freshest of seafood in Santorini are all on the menu as you travel around Europe. And of course, how better to wash down deliciousness than with some of the best wines in the world. Head to the French Riviera and get stuck in to one of our wine tasting sessions – you’ll be a connoisseur in no time!

Variety, variety, variety

Where else in the world can you wake up in the green rolling pastures of the Alps, then fall asleep to the lapping waves of Croatia. Or one minute stroll around the Coliseum, the next be freewheeling along the canals of Amsterdam. However long you’ve got to travel, Europe’s size means you’ll never stop exploring, never stop discovering. With each new country you visit, you’ll discover a new language, a new cuisine, a new culture and a whole new way of life. It’s like the gift that just keeps on giving.

Nightlife so good you’ll never want to sleep

With so many sights to see, people to meet and dishes to taste, you’d be forgiven for thinking that at the end of the day you just crawl into bed and enjoy a restful night sleep. WRONG. Europe is famed for being a party hungry continent, and whatever you’re into, they’ve got it. Want to get down and dirty with a steamy flamenco dance, sip champagne in a chic Paris salon or party all night at an East London rave? Whatever night owl you are, chances are you’ll leave Europe feeling like you need another holiday. To Europe.

Inspired to start planning your own trip to Europe? From short break to epic adventures, we’ve got Europe covered. Check out our range of tours here.

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  • mhigurl


    12 months ago

    This gonna change and that can do make the same for the best place. - Kris Krohn

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