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Do you eat, sleep and breathe travel? Are you always daydreaming about relocating to a simple life in the European countryside? Yep, you’re an In-Depth Explorer!
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11 signs you’re a High Energy Traveller

You love French Chateaus? You love parties? You’re in.

Live for adventure packed days, party filled nights and unforgettable experiences? Sounds to us like you’re a High Energy traveller! Not convinced? Here’s how to know if you fit the bill..
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11 signs you’re a Discovery Plus traveller

8 different travel styles, but which one are you?

Stressing about which travel style to choose for your next Contiki trip? Here’s how to know if you’re a Discovery Plus candidate:
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10 signs you’re a Freestyle Camping Traveller

Hear that? It’s the great outdoors calling…

Calling all star gazers, outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. Europe’s great outdoors is waiting for you…are you ready for it?
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11 signs you’re a Sailing & Cruise traveller

Pack your sailors hat, we’re heading for the high seas...

Ahoy me hearties! Dream of endless blue skies, crystal clear waters and days filled with good food, good music and great friends? You’re onto a winner with Sailing & Cruise…
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Top 7 Most Outrageously Expensive Experiences in the world

Money you enjoyed wasting is never wasted.

What would you do if you were the richest person on earth? Perhaps something on this list....
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Through the eyes of a trip manager : Part 1 - Australia

An Insiders guide living life on the road.

Have you ever wandered how life looks through the eyes of a Trip manager?......Read their incredible stories!
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7 terrifying places to visit on a Contiki trip

Are you scared of things that go bump in the night?

Love all things supernatural, blood curdling and generally jump out of your skin terrifying? We’ve got just the travel destinations for you…
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15 ultimate Halloween outfit fails

What NOT to wear this Halloween

31st October sees fancy dress fans from all over the world hit the streets EN MASS. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for a Halloween costume, the more gore, weeping wounds and hanging off limbs the better. But sometimes, people don’t always quite hit the Halloween nail on the head…
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Take this Halloween Poll and see what character you are!
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If you're superstitious, a horror aficionado or a downright halloween enthusiast - you should probably give this a read!
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Top 6 New Year Experiences around the Globe

Tis the time for Celebration.

Our guide on where you should be spending it this New Years...
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A Fashionista's guide to Europe

Tips, hints and threads so you're in the know.

The Experts guide to looking good, when you're on the road.
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9 Reasons why you need to go to Falls Festival in Byron Bay

Mark your calenders for the most important festival of the year...

From warm summer temperatures, sweet tunes, and wacky fancy dress parties, here are 9 reasons you need to go to Falls Festival in Byron Bay.
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15 Instagram Pictures that will make you want to see europe

Because pictures are worth a thousand words...

Here are 15 pictures that sends our wanderlust through the roof!
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A Hidden Island in Mexico

Worlds most picturesque island, created from controlled bombings? Need we say more..
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Crossing several continents, and the Kingdoms of Westeros, let's take a look at the top locations filmed for Game of Thrones.
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486 kilometres, 12 riders, 1 challenge

Contiki’s Challenge for Change charity cycle ride

Last week we saw 12 passionate Contiki staff members from around the globe take on 486 gruelling kilometres of French countryside in Contiki’s inaugural Challenge for Change charity cycle...
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Quiz Time

What kind of Traveller are you?

Take the quiz and find out which travel style best suits your personality
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Q & A with Natalie Dormer

An Insider's look on how a Contiki Legend became a Hollywood sensation

Behind the scenes with talented actress, Natalie Dormer from Game Of Thrones.
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