Layaway FAQs

How do I notify my family and friends about my Contiki Layaway gift registry?

Once you have created your Contiki Layaway page, you can share by simply forwarding them your page URL. You can also share using the share functionality on your layaway page - you can either send by email, post to Facebook or share on Twitter.

Can I make my own payments using Contiki Layaway?

Yes, simply enter how much you would like to pay and select the’ Continue to Payment’ button. Follow the steps to make a payment.

Is there a cost to use Contiki Layaway?

No, there is no cost to use Contiki Layaway. However, please check with your bank in regards to any costs for using your credit card to make payments online.

How long does it take for a payment to be processed?

Payments will be processed immediately, however may not appear on your Layaway account until the end of the business day.

Will I receive confirmation of my payment?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email once your payment has been processed.

Will the gift giver receive confirmation of their payment?

Yes, the gift giver will receive a confirmation email once their payment has been processed.

How will you know when someone has made a payment to your Layaway registry?

You will then receive an email advising you who has made a payment and how much they have paid.

Can I use Layaway if I booked through a travel agent?

At this time, Layaway is not available for bookings made through a travel agent. If you would like to make a payment towards this booking then please contact your travel agent.

Why is my Layaway page not showing my pre/post accommodation or flights?

Your Layaway page will not individually list all items on your booking (including accommodation & flights etc.) and will only show your Contiki tour/s. The total owing however will represent everything within your booking including your accommodation and flights.

What if I change my tour (or departure date) or add on something else to my booking?

If for any reason you change your booking, this will be automatically updated on your Layaway page as well as your total left to pay.

What if I do not travel or my trip is postponed?

If for any reason you do not travel, all gift payments that have been made to you will be refunded to you (subject to Contiki’s booking and cancellation policies) via cheque. All payments that have been made will be treated as a non-refundable gift to you and Contiki will not be responsible for refunding these payments to your family & friends. You will be refunded for any payments you have made yourself through the same method that you made the payment. Please remember that Contiki’s standard Booking and Cancellation policies apply.

Is there a minimum and maximum payment amount?

Minimum payment amount is $20.00 per payment, and maximum is the outstanding payment amount.

Can a Layaway page be set up without a current booking?

No, a valid Contiki booking with a deposit is required to create a Contiki Layaway page.

What if there is more than one traveller on my booking?

Any gift payments made by your family friends using your Layaway page will be allocated specifically to you. Your Layaway page will show the total owing for all passengers on your booking (which will include any friends who booked through the same booking as you). However, you can see how much you individually owe under the ‘Your Contiki total’ heading on your Layaway page.

When will a Layaway page be active and when will it close?

You can start receiving gifts as soon as you have set up your Layaway page. Payments can be made until 45 days prior to your scheduled departure date from your home country (when full payment to the booking is required). Refer to Contiki’s Booking & Cancellation Conditions for more information.

Still have questions? Or experiencing problems?

Please contact our customer service team using the phone number listed at the top of our website and we will help you out!