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We’ve got 3 touring styles that operate throughout Europe
in summer & winter.

Our Concept Unique (Budget) range from 4 - 46 days, with summertime departures from March - September.

Our Time Out Hotel (Superior) tours run year round, with both
Multi-country & In-depth regional touring options.

Time Out Hotel (Superior) Multi-country tours

Want to get a taste of lots of places? Multi-country trips start & end in London, covering more than 20 countries. They have the flexibility to suit every timeline from 9 - 33 days long.

Time Out Hotel (Superior) In-depth regional tours

Prefer to get into the heart of a place, love a particular country or region, or just short of time? Explore a few destinations in-depth, staying in some locations for 3 nights. These tours are specifically designed to include more local restaurant dinners, so you’re able to get out & try different things. A key feature of In-depth tours are well-located hotels & start/end cities vary across Europe.

vatican city

Winter tours

Many of our Time Out Hotel (Superior) tours run during winter too. So pack your winter woollies & discover a magical snow covered Europe with our great-value Winter Wanderer tour as well as our great Ski Austria packages.
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More ways to travel Contiki

Special events & festivals
We’ve got New Year tours in Paris & Amsterdam as well as special event tours like Oktoberfest, Easter in Amsterdam & the Edinburgh Festival & Tattoo.

Explorer trips
There’s also our short break Explorer packages in Corfu & London that don’t include
a Tour Manager.



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