Your Contiki Crew. Who’s who?

Contiki Crew don’t just organise your trip, they’re part of it. They’re young, they’re hip, they’re super-friendly and they’ve done a whole lot of homework on where you’re headed. They know what’s hot, what’s fun and exactly how to find what you’re looking for, so that you have more time to enjoy each place.

They’ve made it through training boot camp to join the Contiki Crew (hyperlink), so they couldn’t be better qualified. And to top it all off, they love what they do. All this adds up to an even better holiday for you!

Tour Manger

Think of your Tour Manager as the best guide book you ever had without having to turn a single page! They’ll give you all the background and inside info on all the places you visit and tell you the best things to check out at each location. They also offer great ideas on what to explore in your free-time so you make the most of every single day.

Tour Driver

These guys are the other half of our dynamic, on-the-road duo. Nobody knows the roads like our Tour Drivers. They can handle with ease everything from jam-packed city streets to fast-moving freeways. Best of all, they’ll drop you at your door so you can relax and avoid lugging
your bags around.

Contiki Cooks & Site Reps (on Euro Camping & Concept/Budget tours only)

We’ve got 90 live-in staff in Europe to make sure everything runs without a hitch. Dedicated to tempting your taste buds and making sure those special stopovers run smoothly, our Mobile Cooks and Site Reps are masters at rustling up a delicious, nutritious storm. Because they live there, they come with a generous dollop of local knowledge, which makes them an even more essential part of every Contiki Europe Camping and Concept/Budget tour. You’ll meet our Mobile Cooks onboard Europe Camping trips, while our resident Site Reps look after you at Contiki Europe Special Stopovers and villages.

Want to be a part of the Contiki Crew?

We’re always looking for motivated, enthusiastic and creative individuals to fill various positions, one of which may be just right for you! Click here for more information.



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