Contiki marked Earth Month 2011, with the exciting announcement of our partnership with leading environmentalist, adventurer and explorer, Céline Cousteau, (granddaughter of legendary oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau).

We've joined with Céline (download the press release) to help educate our travellers and Contiki team about environmental issues, particularly marine ecosystems by raising awareness of our ocean conservation projects.

Céline is an 'oceanaut' - an adventurer who is constantly moving throughout the world, having made countless expeditions including to the Peruvian Amazon and swimming with sharks in the South Pacific. She's also worked on TV ocean documentaries for both PBS and The Discovery Channel.

As a documentary filmmaker and gifted storyteller, Céline has a fantastic ability to connect with people from diverse cultures. It's through these stories that she helps educate and encourage individuals to become responsible global citizens, helping them to better understand their own natural environments.

Stay tuned for more cool interactions with Céline coming soon to Contiki Facebook, Twitter, our YouTube channel and right here on Like this one - listen to Céline's message to Contiki travellers.

  "I look forward to collaborating with Contiki Holidays, their team, and travellers; who are part of the new generation of active citizens making a difference by understanding and protecting the Earth's resources. The health of our fragile oceans are key to the well-being of our planet as a whole and Contiki's choice to help protect the marine environment is a cause which deeply resonates with me."
                        - Céline Cousteau

Contiki proudly sponsored Céline’s recent two-day Ocean Inspiration event. As a tribute to the life and legacy of her famous grandfather, Jacques Cousteau and his 100th anniversary, it provided a fantastic forum to share, recognise and reward the achievements of ocean advocacy, as well as fundraise towards this critical cause.

You can view Céline’s exclusive Contiki interview during the Ocean Inspiration Public Forum in Washington, D.C. right here. Or read on for more information about the Ocean Inspiration event.



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