Dedicated to marine conservation, Oceana campaigns to protect and restore the world’s oceans through the designation of MPAs (marine protected areas). All big marine conservation work globally relies on the creation of such MPAs. They are only legal way of protecting oceans from serious issues like pollution, overfishing, and preventing the irreversible collapse of fish populations, marine mammals and other sea life.

Their project work involves at-sea expeditions gathering new research and information on various marine species and habitats, creating reports from their findings and using this information to propose new MPAs and lobby government.

Contiki’s specifically is committed to supporting their work protecting the Mediterranean and the western Atlantic. Their objective? To protect 20-30% of European Union seas by 2020 (currently there are less than 1% of these seas covered with MPAs).

In June 2011, the next expedition onboard the Oceana Ranger catamaran will commence, with teams of highly qualified marine scientists biologists, and professional divers, uses remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) capable of reaching depths up to 900 meters to collect deep underwater data, images,
and video.

Stay tuned for feeds, photos and video from this expedition, right here on contiki.com as we follow the action.

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