What is our staff doing to help?

Contiki attracts people with passion… around the world our staff is involved in great work to help people and places in need. In 2008, Contiki launched a volunteer program where each staff member in our regional offices around the world has the option to spend two work days a year volunteering for a charity of their choice.

Through this program Contiki’s staff is working to make our world a better place, starting in their local communities. Contiki staff has supported leading non-profit groups like the Surfrider Foundation, Barnardos and London’s National Trust. The staff love getting out for the day, meeting new people and giving something back. The company also works with their employees throughout the year on a range of charities and projects.

We’re committed to helping preserve our natural environment for the future. In 2010 the Travel Corporation Conservation Foundation partnered with Tourism Cares (a not-for-profit organization who arrange volunteer efforts to restore tourism-related sites) to assist with their Grand Canyon preservation project. As part of Grand Canyon Conservation Day, 20 of our team assisted in restoring native vegetation in a section of the National Park in an effort to help rejuvenate this amazing site.

Learn more from The Travel Corporation Conservation Foundation.



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