Tour Type Legend

Superior Tours

These tours are the way to go if you’re looking for a little extra comfort as you travel around Europe. If you have already seen the traditional sites of Europe, these tours offer in-depth tours of countries such as France, Spain, Morocco and Italy as well as tours of the Egypt and Turkey.

Budget Tour

Perfect for travelers looking to do a lot without spending a lot of money. Stay in special accomodations such as the French Chateau surrounded by vineyards or an alpine Chalet in Switzerland! Accommodations are twin-shares, triple-shares, or quad-shares.

Camping Tours

Crew of 3 – Driver, Tour Manager and Super-Cook: Carefully selected, highly qualified, Contiki-trained. Your Driver also trained by us is fully experienced – passing the toughest European driving tests. Your Super Cook is planner, organizer, supervisor extraordinaire! Also, is a dab-hand at helping you prepare and cook the group’s meals.

Getaways Tours

Independent Getaways are different city combinations designed to give you flexibility and freedom but still all the advantages of group travel; great value for money, coach/train/ferry transport and local knowledge and information so you can concentrate on enjoying your time to the max.

Cruising Tours

Go beyond the main continent and explore the mysteries of the Eastern Mediterranean. Relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and culture of Greece and Turkey. Sail in style on-board a Louis Hellenic or Golden Star cruise-ship to the ancient city of Istanbul, the volcanic island of Santorini or the home of the blue domed churches and crystal clear waters of Mykonos.



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