Contiki Holidays Proudly Sponsors Contiki Holidays Proudly Sponsors Céline Cousteau's Ocean Inspiration Initiatives

Céline Cousteau’s Ocean Inspiration Initiatives

Contiki joins supporters for two tributes to the life & legacy of Jacques Cousteau in honour of his 100th anniversary

May 26, 2011 -- Following Earth Month, environmentalist and adventurer, Céline Cousteau continued the sustainability momentum through her Ocean Inspiration initiatives, with Contiki Holidays in attendance as one of the proud sponsors for her two events on May 18th & May 20th.  Contiki Holidays (, the world’s leading travel company for 18-35 year olds, recently announced their partnership with Céline in an effort to raise awareness of environmental issues, particularly marine ecosystems and to help educate their travellers and team through their designated ocean conservation projects.

Members of the Contiki team were thrilled to attend the Ocean Inspiration (
Gala in New York city, the first of two events hosted by Céline to honour the centennial of her grandfather and legendary oceanographer, Jacques-Yves Cousteau.  Two generations of the Cousteau family including her father, Jean-Michel Cousteau and her brother, Fabien Cousteau came to support the fundraiser.  Other notable guests included scientists, explorers, filmmakers, artists and musicians who enjoyed an evening filled with an ocean inspired dance performance, sustainable cuisine, premiere viewing of the new film, “My Father, the Captain” and live & silent auctions.  During the celebratory gala that took place at Rockefeller Plaza’s The Sea Grill restaurant, the “Ocean Advocate” awards were presented to fellow activists for their vision and innovation all in support of protecting the world’s  oceans. 

“The ocean advocates attending all share a passion for aquatic life– they understand the beauty & wonder of our fragile waters and as my grandfather said, ‘People protect what they love’,” said Céline Cousteau. “They all know that we need to move to action for the well-being of our planet and these deserving individuals are carrying on the incredible legacy of Jacques Cousteau and his mission continues through each of them.”

Following the gala, Contiki took part in a public forum held at the World Resources Institute in Washington D.C., also hosted by Céline Cousteau. “The Future of the Oceans” panel included conservations and marine biologists whose discussion focused on the consequences of coral reefdegradation, in support of their cause, Reefs at Risk initiative.  The story telling session, Stories from Jacques Cousteau’s Journeys’ included Anne Marie Cousteau, the mother of Céline, who spoke candidly about the challenges she faced as a female expedition photographer on the iconic Calypso boat for over 13 years.

Céline Cousteau is committed in her new role as Sustainability Partner with Contiki who is part of the not-for-profit Travel Corporation Conservation Foundation (  Together, they are promoting sustainability causes that are both culturally and environmentally significant, including funding two marine protection projects -  the Mesoamerican Reef Leadership program ( and Oceana's ( valuable research work in the Mediterranean.

“Contiki is honoured to have been a sponsor for Ocean Inspiration and I was thrilled to personally attend both events & to meet all these passionate supporters from all walks of life,” said Marie Anne MacRae, Director of Public Relations, Contiki Holidays Canada, “Céline’s dedication to ocean advocacy is so inspiring and we look forward to working with her on our upcoming ocean conservation projections.”

Please view Céline Cousteau’s interview during the Ocean Inspiration Public Forum in Washington, D.C. at



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