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Indulge your taste buds on one of Contiki's 15 best trips for foodies!

From regional delicacies to traditional dishes, we know no great travel story is complete without exploring exotic and delicious food from different cultures. Treat yourself to Nutella crepes and warm croissants in France, Swiss fondue in Switzerland, delicious tapas in Spain, fresh pasta in Italy, fish n' chips in London, crocodile or kangaroo in the Territory (if you dare!), Tom Kha Gai in Thailand…drooling yet?

Traditional Eastern European cuisine is one of the best parts of traveling there! Go for some Czech-style goulash in Prague, delight in Germany's brats and brew, savor on delicious Hungarian dishes, and try authentic Polish cuisine in Krakow and Warsaw.
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(1) Berlin to Budapest 12 days, 5 countries
(2) Eastern Road 14 days, 6 countries

Western Europe knows how to tempt your taste buds. With delicious crepes and warm croissants in France, Swiss fondue in Switzerland, Fish n' chips in London, and fresh pasta in Italy, you're sure to get your foodie fix no matter where you go on the west side.
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(3) Best of Europe 14 days, 7 countries
(4) European Discovery 14 days, 9 countries
(5) London & Paris 8 days, 2 countries
(6) Western Rocker 9 days, 3 countries

Dig into traditional British fare like malt vinegar and salt drenched fish n' chips and savory bangers and mash, or Irish staples like blood pudding and soda bread. Then wash it all down with "a big one" (a pint a Guinness) and "a small one" (a glass of whiskey)!
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(7) Great Britain & Ireland 18 days, 3 countries

Eat your way along the Mediterranean coastline through Spain, France, & Italy. Taste the fresh seafood, delicious pasta, tapas, wine, sangria, and desserts!
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(8) Italian Espresso 9 days in Italy
(9) Mediterranean Highlights 14 days, 3 countries

Let your senses take over with mouthwatering Argentinian steak and sizzling Brazilian BBQ. Try some of the homemade pizza and pasta that is the pride of the Italian population found in Buenos Aires, and uncover some delicious local restaurants and street food at amazing prices.
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(10) Argentina & Brazil Experience 10 days, 2 countries

Learn how the locals do with our hands-on Thai cooking class experience and get a taste of authentic Tom Kha Gai (chicken soup with coconut milk) and Pad See Ew (noodle dish) in Thailand. Dine on bai cha (Khmer fried rice) at one of the food stalls in Cambodia. People-watch and order some local dishes, like bo luc lac (spicy beef & green pepper stir fry), dau chien ron (fried tofu) or nom ngo sen (lotus-stem salad) in Vietnam.
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(11) Asian Adventure 14 days, 3 countries
(12) Vietnam Experience 12 days in Vietnam

Big on size and big on taste is how we roll in America. Sink your teeth into famous southern BBQ and learn how to cook Cajun style in New Orleans. Enjoy world famous dining options in Sin City and if you're up for it, put your hand up for the Big Steak Challenge and take on a 4.4lb of beef in Amarillo.
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(13) Southern Adventure 13days, 11 states

Australia is packed with unique local delicacies. It's one of the highlights of visiting the land down under. Try tasty steaks in the Outback or brave the local fare of crocodile and kangaroo in the Territory.
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(14) Outback Adventure 13 days in Australia

From Kiwi favorites like fish n' chips and succulent New Zealand lamb, to delicious eats from the Kiwi 'barbie' and traditional Maori Hangi meals, we'll fast-track you to the country's greatest flavors!
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(15) Jaffas n' Jandals 7 days in New Zealand



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