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Steel your nerves and get ready for an adventure with
Contiki's 15 best trips for adventurers

Imagine yourself riding elephants in Thailand, diving the Great Barrier Reef, paragliding over the Swiss Alps, or bungee jumping in the Adventure Capital of the World, Queenstown. There's no limit to the heights you'll climb, the fears you'll conquer, and the stories you'll share about your Contiki adventure.

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Get a true bird's eye view with a paraglide ride through the wondrous Swiss Alps then take a ride on the steepest cog railway to Mt. Pilatus in Lucerne. Whitewater raft in Austria one day then ride a bike through Amsterdam the next. With these multi-country Europe tours, you can do a different adventure activity in a different city and country daily!
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(1) European Encounter 18 days, 11 countries
(2) European Horizon 12 days, 8 countries
(3) European Magic 11 days, 8 countries

Explore the ancient civilizations and gaze upon one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Pyramids of Giza – all on the back of a camel! Then, take a cruise down the Nile and visit the unfinished obelisk and Abu Simbel to see the Temple of Ramses II.
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(4) Egypt & The Nile 9 days in Egypt

Seeking adventure of the philosophical kind? Greece is the perfect backdrop for soul-searching and warm, sunny days out on the beach. Sail to the different Greek islands, swim in the deep blue sea, or lounge – you define the path laid out before you on the white sandy beaches.
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(5) Greek Island Hopping 14 days in Greece

Take an elephant ride through the jungles of Thailand, swing off vines into waterfalls, and see the sun rise over the majestic temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Head to Laos and visit the riverside village of Pakbeng or hike up to Mt. Phu Si to a hilltop stupa to catch a sunset over the town and temples.
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(6) Asian Adventure 14 days, 3 countries
(7) Thai Island Hopper 9 days in Thailand

Want a challenge? Rise before the break of dawn and hike to the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu to watch the sun rise over these ancient ruins. Take an island boat trip on Lake Titicaca, whitewater raft on the Urubamba River in Cusco, or dive and swim with the tortoises of the Galapagos Islands.
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(8) Galapagos & Ecuador 11 days in Ecuador
(9) Inca Panorama 11 days in Peru

You don't have to travel thousands of miles to find adventure– there's plenty to go around right here in North America. Live the California dream with 42 miles of beaches, take a helicopter flight across the Grand Canyon, or hike around Yosemite Valley's park trails and visit their waterfalls. Or, opt for an adventure through the Great White North. Brave the zipline in Whistler, Canada, go rafting in Jasper, or take a helicopter flight over the Cline Glacier.
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(10) Canada & The Rockies 11 days in Canada
(11) LA to the Bay 11 days in California, Nevada, Arizona

Sky's the limit in Australia, where the combination of stunning coastline and Australian Outback offer the perfect backdrop for high-energy activity and adventure. Scale the heights of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, take a hike along the ridge overlooking Jamison Valley, ride 4WDs across Fraser Island, learn to surf in Byron Bay, or dive the Great Barrier Reef.
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(12) Beaches & Reefs 18 days in Australia
(13) City to Surf 10 days in Australia

Queenstown is known worldwide as "The Adventure Capital of the World" – and rightly so. With everything from sky-diving, bungee jumping, glacier hiking, ogoballing (aka – tumbling down a hill in a giant plastic ball), and the Canyon Swing, there's an abundance of activities that are sure to have your pulse racing in New Zealand.
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(14) Kiwiana Panorama 17 days in New Zealand
(15) 'Sweet As' South 13 days in New Zealand



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