Live life with #NOREGRETS Harmonize your lust for adventure and live life out loud with our 15 Best Trips for Music Lovers. Pay homage to London's very own Fab Four, get jazzy as you head to the Deep South, and spice things up with rhythmic Samba in Latin America, all with Contiki. The soundtrack to your life will never be
the same!

Experience Flamenco, the sounds of Barcelona's bustling nightlife, the club scene of Florence, and even tour the Spanish Royal Family's rare instrument collection.
Music (and beer!) are a big part of German culture, home to classical composers Bach, Mozart, & Beethoven. Enjoy a pint in Munich to the sounds of a traditional Bavarian brass band in lederhosen.
Electronic music thrives in this part of the world - Berlin has been setting international trends for dubstep, house, and techno. If you don't love it already, you will when you leave!
Explore Amsterdam's famous electronica club scene and dance the nights away while you make your way through Paris, Lucerne, the French Riviera, and Barcelona.
Explore the rich music scene & birthplace of the British Invasion & European greats such as Phoenix, Jus†ice, and Armin Van Buuren on this 21-day opus through Europe.
Walk in the The Beatles' footsteps on Abbey Road Crossing & then hop over to Scotland, internationally known for its traditional folk music filled with fiddles, harps, and bagpipes.
This 16-day trip has a great mix of sightseeing & chilling out. Kick back at Contiki's French Château and relax at the Mediterranean Sea. In Florence, enjoy a Tuscan feast before heading to one of Florence's biggest clubs.
Enjoy a night out in Istanbul with dinner and belly dancing. In Greece, chill out pool or beach side before getting ready for the island nightlife.
Walk among the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, then groove your way through the soulful south – from Elvis' Graceland home in Memphis, Tennessee to jazzy New Orleans.
Explore the eclectic music of your backyard. Did you know NYC is the birthplace of Salsa? This fusion of Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Dominican sounds came together in New York's Latino neighborhoods in the 1960's.
Wonder at the beautiful fusion of drama and musical theatre that is Chinese opera – whose roots date back as far as the 3rd century. Take in this tradition on this culture-rich tour, with the perfect balance of ancient and modern.
With Sydney on the itinerary and Byron Bay (home to Spendour in the Grass), there are plenty of music venues to choose from! That is...if you're not too wiped out from snorkeling, sailing, 4WD, skydiving, or shopping.
The sounds of nature aren't the only sounds you'll love in New Zealand! In Rotorua, experience a traditional Maori Hangi dinner and dance performance.
Get ready for the buzz of Rio de Janeiro's nightlife. In Buenos Aires, the most cosmopolitan city in South America and birthplace of tango, test your moves with a tango lesson followed by dinner & a show.
This Mexico trip has the perfect mix of culture, food, shopping, beach life, and of course Cancun nightlife. With tons of clubs, world class live music, & dance shows like Coco Bongo all in one beach town, how will
you choose!?



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