And the winner is...

Zoe Draper
Zoe Draper!

Congratulations to Zoe Draper, winner of our huge NZ comp! Zoe has won a 16-day Kiwiana Panorama trip, with return flights included, and the chance to experience first-hand what life as a travel writer could be like. We look forward to following your adventures Zoe!

A massive well done to all of our other finalists! You all did amazingly well to make it to the top ten! To say thank you we will be sending you out a Contiki goody bag with tons of goodies, including some vouchers off your next holiday. Nobody’s a loser with Contiki!

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Kiwiana Panorama

Feed your adrenaline cravings - relaxation is overrated! Blackwater raft in Waitomo before you hit Rotorua. 'Zorb' or luge then chill out in a Polynesian spa! Have a...


Our Finalists

ImageConnor Berden
Swimming in the pristine waters to cool off from hiking up a mysterious mountain and just watching the marshmallow-like clouds float above you, or while admiring the spectacular cliffsides, so close that you can nearly touch them and feel their million year old story is my idea of an absolute perfect afternoon. Seeing the striking wildlife in its purest form, continuously taking photos of everything you see, so you never forget what a breathtakingly astounding experience you've had.

Describing my ultimate New Zealand Gap Year would take months to perfect, yet simply having a chance to experience all of the stunning sunrises and sensational landscapes that New Zealand has to offer seems to portray just what I want out of life - a magical travelling experience that can rarely be found in just any country. However, I don't just want to see it, I want to take part in all the activities, I want that land I'm becoming a part of to remember me and welcome me back. I want an adventure.
Francesca White
The Kiwiana Panorama is definitely the perfect gap year destination: black water rafting, zorbing, Lake Taupo cruising, bungy jumping, sky diving AND canyon swinging combined with a Polynesian spa retreat, Queenstown nightlife, water fall and beautiful landscape viewing. It’s everything you could dream of to temporarily dim the intimidating prospect of life in the responsibility-filled real world which EVERYONE starts to dread when it comes time for it! This is the adrenalized Peter Pan-ian dream escape to distract and enthral while in it, then remember for years to come after it passes.

If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree or jump out of a plane, swing between canyons, roll head over heels in a ball then this truly is a fantastical trip on which to live as though you’ll never grow up. New Zealand, or is it 'Never-Never Land'? #NOREGRETS!
Lowri Davies
The Big Tiki lets you experiencing all that New Zealand has to offer. From its rich Māori culture to beautiful natural scenery, with stunning glaciers and golden beaches. New Zealand, the adventure capital of the world, is perfect for those seeking adrenaline and yearning for adventure, from skydiving to high-speed jet boats, there's no shortage of awesome experiences.

Get to know the friendly kiwi people and make 'sweet as' new friends as you embark on the trip of a life time. Fascinating history, delicious cuisine and wild parties in some of the hottest clubs, you'll be hanging over all the way to the bottom of the south island! This trip will leave you with memories that will last forever, a truly unforgettable experience. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all, so make New Zealand the start of your fantastic adventure.
Danielle Merry
New Zealand has always been a dream Gap Year experience of mine, boasting the coolest festivals, most adrenaline filled experiences and awesome locations as well as natural beauty and wildlife. My ultimate trip would be the Kiwiana Panorama (Auckland to Christchurch) I am always up for some adrenaline filled fun.

I couldn’t pass up the change to visit New Zealand’s largest and most cosmopolitan city, Auckland, zorb down a hill, visit Ohinemutu Village, the Huka Falls, see famous sights of lord of the rings, take a glacier hike (wow) take a ride on the Shotover Jet!, go skydiving etc. Visiting New Zealand is an absolute dream of mine and I hope this trip could be the start of my hope to see the world!
Sophia Hall
A Gap Years meant to be for you to 'grow' as a person - New Zealand is so rich as a country it can allow you to do that; so it looks great on a CV and to our parents. However I also know that the adventures and amazing experiences there means that this Gap Year would be more of a vacation from life and an extraordinary way to really start life independent from everyone.

Travelling is part of my bucket list and part of what it means for me to fully get a grasp of life is to go to New Zealand and experience anything outside Europe is a huge aspiration of mine. The Sun, the air, the atmosphere of different culture is such an amazing thing that I cannot really describe my need to be there and experience it. A Gap Year in New Zealand, for me, means a new way of living and experiencing things. Plus I love kiwis, both the fruit and the animals! Please pick me for this adventure, as although I can’t tell you what adventures I would want to have, I can tell you I want to experience them all. It’s all about no regrets!
Emily Harrison
The 'sweet as' South Tour is the New Zealand adventure that definitely tickles my taste buds. A remarkably diverse country rich with culture; New Zealand mixes beer with cheese and seemingly pulls it off. A fantastic place where adrenaline-junkies and coach-potatoes can harmoniously co-exist and where snowy mountain tops and beach paradises smile at one another. A place that would certainly challenge any girl’s clothes packing skills. Making friends with a whale, resisting cartwheeling down the world’s steepest street and jet boating between canyon walls are all essential experiences that I intend to capture for your amusement.

A surreal mixture of adrenaline, awe and atmosphere baked for nine days sounds like a recipe that could put good ol’ Delia in the corner. I am itching to don the chef hat and whip up this mouth-watering delight and log all of the exciting opportunities New Zealand has to offer! To keep this short and sweet: I LOVE travelling and venturing outside of Europe would be a dream. Plus I can't keep this food metaphor up any longer!
Charles Batchelor
The feeling of total freedom, the fresh air, the outstanding mountains but as you and I both know, New Zealand has some of the most attractive views and activities around. However all of that means nothing if you don't possess the soul to take part in absolutely everything and hold no fear. That is the ultimate NZ gap year adventure, waking up to see the morning sun and getting out there to see it all.

Water sports, the local biodiversity and native species are incredibly attractive to me, hiking, sky diving, and all other activities all greatly interest me. Running a successful Youtube channel with my friends, I'm no stranger to the camera and social networking; I would want to share every moment with the people also interested in going to NZ. Making new friends and seeing it all, and more importantly bringing home the pictures so you won't ever forget. That is the ultimate NZ adventure.

Couple of fun facts:

- I'm also a qualified dodgeball coach
- I'm a great looking bloke :)
Georgia Murray
New Zealand. Sheep, farms, hobbits and it's just that little place next to Australia, right? Maybe not, because anyone who's anyone knows New Zealand is the place to be, packed full of amazing adventures, stunning scenery and incredible people but only for those who live with #NOREGRETS I want to explore the world, taste the culture and not just dip my toes in the water, I want to dive in!

Doing the Kiwiana Panorama (Auckland to Queenstown) holiday combines the best of the best, exploring the culture and travelling from one side of New Zealand to the other and would be a whirlwind adventure I'd never forget. With a stop at Milford Sound, partying in Queenstown, learning about the Maori history and a spot of zorbing thrown in, this trip would no doubt be the first of many travels for someone who wants to experience first-hand what living with #NOREGRETS is about.
Rachel Spencer
Who wouldn’t relish the opportunity to travel through New Zealand? This magical, fairy-tale land of ‘Lord of the Rings’ offers some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. New Zealand is all about amazing new experiences, majestic mountainous backdrops and people with personality! You can do anything here; ski, play golf, bungee jump, go white-water rafting, mountain biking, wind surfing, hiking or whale watching.

You can count yourself among the likes of Bilbo Baggins, whose adventure won’t seem quite so extraordinary once you’ve finished travelling! Wander to the far reaches of your imagination with a visit to fabulous Fiorland; salt-water kayak your way through the velvet waters of Milford Sounds (famously described as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’) and have your breath swiftly snatched from you by the cascading waters of Sutherland Falls- New Zealand’s tallest waterfall.

Blocart or mountain bike in Canterbury’s national park and marvel at the peaks of Arthur’s Pass piercing the endless sky or visit the beautiful ‘garden city’ of Christchurch. Swim with dolphins in the Sounds of Marlborough and afterwards relax with a glass of world-class wine, whilst planning your next extreme escapade! Immerse yourself in the local Maori culture in Manawatu, the heart-land of New Zealand and meet unforgettable people in the vibrant, student city of Palmerston North. Rugby fanatics will adore the world’s first museum dedicated solely to the thrilling sport! Whatever experience you choose to create in this mind-blowing place- it will surely be one that you will never forget.

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Epic New Zealand
Say ‘Kia Ora’ to legendary scenery, awesome adventures, vibrant Maori culture and unforgettable experiences around every corner!

New Zealand has always been a dream Gap Year experience, boasting cool festivals, adrenalin-tastic experiences, stunning natural beauty and incredible wildlife encounters throughout the varying landscapes of the country.

There is barely anywhere else in the world where you can you find such a wide range of experiences on offer from visiting an historic Maori Pa, the many different wine, wild food and music festivals, stepping foot on an active volcano, digging your own natural hot water pool on the beach, whale & seal spotting are just some of the countless cool experiences on offer (with many not costing you a penny!) and why New Zealand is the ultimate Gap Year destination!

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