Contiki’s Multi-Million Dollar Upgrades for 2009

Anaheim, California, October 2008 – Putting faith in the fact that the youth travel market tends to be more resilient, Contiki has unveiled a suite of multi-million dollar upgrades to its European product offering for 2009.

Completing over three million in upgrades across all products this year, Contiki has revealed its new budget properties and brand new sailing yacht for cruising around Croatia.

Major assets like the Chateau in France, the Chalet in Switzerland and the Gasthof in Austria have been given a facelift, as has The Basement underneath London’s Royal National Hotel.

“The 18-35 demographic is quite resilient to economic fluctuations,” said Greg Fischbein, President of Contiki U.S. “Europe is a rite of passage for this group at this time in their lives – no property, no portfolio, no pension, no problems!”

“Fantastic initial sales for summer Europe bear this out,” said Fischbein. “The youth market will travel and with the current strength of the dollar, Europe is a great bargain right now.”

Contiki is investing in this market, launching six new itineraries and a host of new options. This year will also see more flexibility on the tours with more free time, where travelers can elect to spend the day as they wish or take up an optional excursion.

A new 14-day ‘Best of Europe’ budget tour will be a feature piece in this year’s offerings, compiled from a similar tour in the American product range. It takes travelers to the ‘must-see’ European destinations of Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague and Rome with two or three nights in each city.

Contiki launched a brand new consumer site that compliments the new summer Europe brochure, with new search functions and more integrated user-generated content.



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