The referral program is valid for new trips booked as of March 1, 2012

Rules & Regulations for Past Passengers Using Refer a Friend (Known as the ‘Referrer’)

1. Referrer must be a past passenger to qualify. Verification is required before the promotion is added to the Referee’s booking.

2. The Referrer must provide his or her email address to participate in the Refer a Friend program.  A travel agent email address will not be accepted.  The Referrer can refer as many passengers as he/she would like and is eligible to receive up to five (5) $100 e-gift cards per calendar year.  Referees must be new passengers. Repeat referrals of the same passenger will not be honored.  This program is not combinable with the Past Passenger discount.  Referrer must provide full first and last name as it appears on the Referee’s passport and the Referee’s e-mail address (e.g. Referrer may not enter his/her own e-mail address, a travel agent’s email address or repeat the same address more than once).

3. The Referrer must add the Referee's details correctly to the Refer a Friend site within seven days of the Referee creating the reservation with his/her Contiki Specialist and paying the deposit. Contiki is not responsible if a Referrer fails to properly identify a Referee. Contiki will not retroactively record a friend whose information was incorrectly entered into the referral form.

4. An Amazon e-gift card with a value of $100 will be emailed to the Referrer approximately six to eight weeks after Referee completes travel on a trip 14 days or longer.  If a Referee cancels for any reason, the referral reward is forfeited.

5. Offer valid for tour purchases made in the U.S. only.  Referrers must reside in the United States, Mexico, or South America.

Rules & Regulations for New Passengers Using Refer a Friend (Known as the ‘Referee’)

1. Referee must be between 18-35 years old at the time of travel.

2. To apply the Refer a Friend promotion, the Referee must request it by mentioning "Refer a Friend” and the Referrer’s name at the time of booking (or up to seven days from paying the deposit) on any Contiki tour 14 days or longer. A Contiki specialist will verify that the Referrer is a past passenger and has completed the process online before adding the promotional code to the booking.

3. The Referee will receive a $100 in Optional Excursion vouchers in his/her travel documents. The original Optional Excursion vouchers must be redeemed while on his/her trip and cannot be exchanged for cash reimbursement.

4. The Referee is responsible for reviewing his/her travel documents and making sure he/she received the Optional Excursion Vouchers prior to his/her departure. Contiki will not issue a cash refund to a passenger for any Optional Excursion because the Referee paid the tour manager directly, forgot to pack or bring the voucher on the tour, did not use the entire value of the voucher, lost the voucher, or advised us after travel that he/she did not receive the voucher.

5. Contiki will not allow a Referee to be claimed by more than one Referrer. Once a Referee’s e-mail address has been given, it may not be changed.

6. Referees must reside in the United States, Mexico, or South America .

7. Contiki reserves the right to change or withdraw this offer at any time. 

8. Contiki may resolve any dispute involving this promotion at its sole discretion.



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