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How much spending money? Big Indochina Adventure

Does anyone have an idea or opinion of how much spending money would be required or ideal for this tour which is 25 days long? I realise it depends on the individual to some extent! Any currency is helpful as I can use a converter to figure it out :-) Frances

Asked about 2 years ago about Asia Spending Money Money Travel Advice (0 responses)

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Uploaded about 2 years ago

Kate ❤Kate ❤ posted on Frances's (Frances) profile

Hi Frances! How are you? Just wondering how the Northern Territory was? How was the tour? Hoping you had a fabulous time! :)

Posted almost 3 years ago

  • Frances


    Hey Kate :-) it was epic. I recommend that you go! it ended too soon though - I would have booked the 25 day tour around Australia if i'd done it again. if you have any questions, ask away. sorry it's been this long since I was on this site. I've come on here again because I've just booked my next contiki for September this year. it's around south-east asia and it's called 'the big Indochina adventure.'

    about 2 years ago

FrancesFrances (Frances)

The Latin Quest


4 countries \ 36 days \ from US$9859 per person

Do it all, experience everything & make the most of this unbelievable journey. From the bustling Rio streets to quiet ancient temples, live volcanoes & beautiful beaches, you'll find that paradise doesn't exist in just one place.

FrancesFrances (Frances)

Galapagos & Andes


2 countries \ 26 days \ from US$6785 per person

Experience 3 of the most beautiful spots on earth rolled into one trip. Trail finders will be right at home on this journey packed with culture, heritage, water & wildlife.

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The Adventurer

0 countries

FrancesFrances (Frances)

The Adventurer (reversed)

0 countries

FrancesFrances (Frances)

Scandinavia & Russia Plus


8 countries \ 23 days \ from US$3735 per person

From the Vodka bars of Russia to the surreal landscapes of the Norwegian Fjords, venture into some seriously impressive & historical places while on tour. Sit lakeside in Lillehammer, tour the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, visit Brest Fortress in Belarus & tour the Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw (& that’s just the start!). There’s so much happening here & with 8 fascinating countries to visit in 22 days, get ready for sights & experiences like no other!

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