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25-year-old Male living in Auckland, New Zealand

19 October Winter Wanderer! (going solo) 21 year old kiwi, career in insurance and occasional bar work in the weekends. Love to travel and can't wait to meet new people on tour! Arriving in London 12 October so hit me up if any keen to do sightseeing before tour!

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LauraLaura posted on Mark's (Mark) profile

Hi Mark, I'm going on the 17 October tour as well. I'm a 25 year old Californian. I think we might be the only single ones, seems as though everyone is a couple so far!

Posted over 3 years ago

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    Hey Laura! Thanks for your message. Now I don't feel as bad being the only solo one!! When do you arrive to London? Keen to hang out before tour? I'm staying at Royal Nat Hotel... I guess you know theres a facebook page set up for our group? And have you joined up on contiki meet up yet?

    over 3 years ago



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