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Default_avatarAlicia posted on Melissa's (melissa) profile

Hi Melissa, nice to make your acquaintance ; ) I just saw your post on the Contiki meet up re Coachella, if you're at all interested in going please let me know, I've got a spare ticket/package - includes 3 nights @ hotel, 3 day pass & shuttle between hotel/festival. Here's the lineup too : D Either way looking forward to meeting you for Contiki!

Posted 2 months ago

  • melissa


    2 months ago

    oh my !!! do you have facebook? if so wanna give me an inbox on there with all the details & we can discuss a bit more !! I would defiantly be keen ! I've been trying to get this meet up to work for like a month coz I thought the exact same thing that surly with the dates someone might be going ! either search melissa lynch and see if you have any luck finding me ! but yes either way defs looking forward to meeting you for our contiki! :)

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