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Backpack or suitcase in South America

Hi guys! I'm going on the Andes+Amazon and the Galapagos tour in August and I was wondering what's better: a backpack or a suitcase? Will we be walking around with our luggage a lot or will we leave it in the bus or at the hotel most of the time? There are already several discussions on the forum about this topic but they were all for tours in Europe and Australia... If anyone could give me an idea of the extent to which we will be walking around with our luggage on these tours and what would be better - that would be VERY helpful :) Thanks! Nane

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NaneNane (Nane)

Beaches and Reefs (Start Cairns)


1 country \ 16 days \ from US$2679 per person

If you love sun, water, fun & adventure then this is the perfect trip for you. Packed with loads of inclusions, you’ll experience the best of what makes the East Coast of Oz such a sought after place to visit. Learn to surf in Coffs Harbour, chill in the Whitsundays & get a taste of the action & adventure of Cairns with a bit of city action & bright lights mixed in for good measure. You'll swim, snorkel, maybe hold a koala or two, jet ski & even towel off for some shopping, bushwalking & tandem skydiving if you’re up for it. It’s the best of the East Coast rolled up into one cool adventure.

NaneNane (Nane)

China Adventure


2 countries \ 12 days \ from US$2679 per person

Ancient history & fascinating culture make China a must-visit. Stroll the Great Wall & be dwarfed by the high-rises of Hong Kong & Shanghai. Get up close to the mystic limestone karsts of Yangshuo before being amazed by Xi’an’s famous & incredible Terracotta Army. When you’re not walking in the footsteps of emperors, see this amazing country from a different angle, like on the back of a rickshaw or bike!

NaneNane (Nane)

Big Indochina Adventure


4 countries \ 25 days \ from US$3982 per person

The Big Indochina Adventure is just that...big on adventures, incredible sights, experiences & good times. From the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, to the serenity of Thailand's north, to the amazing colours & culture of Vietnam & the rugged terrain and archaeological treasures of Laos, it’s all here. Finish it up with the rich, but tragic, past of Cambodia & more as 25 days unfold Indochina’s best.

NaneNane (Nane)

Andes & Amazon Highlights


1 country \ 8 days \ from US$2095 per person

Let the good times roll as you go deep into some of Peru’s ultimate spots on this 8 day adventure. Get your culture fix at Machu Picchu, with its unbeatable views & ancient Inca history. Feel an adrenalin rush in Cusco, with rafting & mountain biking at the ready, before heading to the mighty Amazon. Try fishing for piranha, spotting Amazonian Caiman & sleeping at a luscious lodge in the rainforest. You can choose to either trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, or take it easy & go by train.

NaneNane (Nane)

Galapagos & Ecuador

0 countries

NaneNane (Nane)

Bridging time gap between tours (Galapagos-Amazon)

Hi there :) I'm planning on booking the Galapagos+Ecuador tour as well as the Andes+Amazon tour for August/September. However, since most tours are already full, the only remaining ones take place at least two weeks apart from each other. Flying back and forth between Europe and South America is pretty expensive, so I'm thinking about staying in South America and traveling around on my own... Is anyone having the same "problem" or has any experience when it comes to traveling in that region? Does anyone know of a good way to get either from Lima to Guayaquil or from Quito to Cusco other than by plane? If someone could help me, that would be awesome :) Thanks! Nane

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