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AlyssaAlyssa posted on Krystal's (Krystal) profile

Hey Krystal! Commented on a discussion you made about doing the little hopper, however I realized after that it was for last year. Did you end up doing the little hopper last year? Curious as to how it is.

Posted 3 months ago

KrystalKrystal (Krystal)

July Little hopper tour

Anyway going on the Europe little hopper tour from the 10th till 20th?

Asked 10 months ago about Europe (0 responses)

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KrystalKrystal (Krystal)

Little hopper tour July 7th

Hi is anyone doing the little hopper tour on july 7th?

Asked over 1 year ago about Europe United Kingdom Great Britain England London Paris Rome Italy France (4 responses)

KrystalKrystal (Krystal)

The Little Hopper


6 countries \ 11 days \ from US$1255 per person

Hop through 4 fantastic European spots in 10 days. Start out in the French capital & indulge in escargot, Champagne, chic atmosphere & incredible icons. Get out of the city for taste of the gorgeous Swiss Alps! From cog railway rides serving up unbeatable views to lush green mountains, it's all about getting back to nature before rubbing shoulders with the rich & famous in the French Riviera. Finish it up by indulging in a whole lot of Italia, starting in gorgeous Florence then heading the floating city Venice – ciao bella!

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