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Male living in Brooklyn, New York U.S.A

Hello everybody! My name is Ernie and I love to travel and discover new customs and try new cuisines! I love to meet people from all different walks of life! I try to go to a different continent each year! Thus far my favorite trips have been to Australia and Germany!

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ErnieErnie (Ernie)

Outback Adventure (Start Darwin)


1 country \ 12 days \ from US$1769 per person

Travel the land 'Down Under'. Sleep under the stars in a bush camp, take a hot air balloon ride, then grab a cold beer with all your new friends at one of the oldest Territory pubs. Gorgeous gorges & national parks leave you breathless as you get to know the backyard of Australia, plus Darwin offers the draw of the big city with shopping & nightlife not to be missed.

ErnieErnie (Ernie)

Galapagos & Ecuador

0 countries

ErnieErnie (Ernie)

Hola Colombia


1 country \ 10 days \ from US$2945 per person

Hola! How does rolling hills & coffee plantations, ziplinging to white sand beaches, Toucans, colonial architecture & colourful locals sound to you? If you think amazing, then let us help you uncover the wonders of Colombia! On this epic new trip, you’ll get a taste of everything from the Andean Mountain Ranges and Amazonian rainforests, to pristine beaches hugging the Colombian coastline with everything you can only imagine in-between.

ErnieErnie (Ernie)

Beaches and Reefs (start Cairns)

0 countries

ErnieErnie (Ernie)

Grand Explorer (Christchurch - Auckland)

0 countries

ErnieErnie (Ernie)

Great Britain & Ireland


5 countries \ 17 days \ from US$2427 per person

This trip is a whirlwind of sightseeing, history & culture as you hit the highlights of England, Scotland & Ireland. Practice your Liverpudlian accent in the home of rock & roll's original Fab Four - The Beatles! Stroll Edinburgh's Royal Mile, then grab some binoculars to search for the Loch Ness monster. Add in drinking Guinness, kissing the Blarney Stone, castles, cathedrals & you've got an one awesome experience!

ErnieErnie (Ernie)

Scandinavia (End Helsinki)


5 countries \ 13 days \ from US$2435 per person

Scandinavia is full of stunning scenery, gorgeous fjords, long summer days, enchanting folk tales & mythical wild life. Explore it the easy way on this journey through the capital cities of Stockholm, Oslo & Copenhagen. Get a taste for real Scandinavia in some lesser known spots off the beaten track. See spectacular fjords & glaciers...and don't forget to pack your camera!

ErnieErnie (Ernie)

Simply Italy


2 countries \ 12 days \ from US$2155 per person

Discover the big cities and some of the less famous destinations in this fabulous country. This is the only Contiki tour to stay in La Spezia in the Cinque Terre region and Milan, Italy's fashion capital! You'll also visit the picturesque village of Sirmione at Lake Garda, and re-enact the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet in fair Verona where the story was set. Simply Italy, simply perfect!

ErnieErnie (Ernie)

Croatian Island Escape


1 country \ 9 days \ from US$1215 per person

Cruise the Croatian Islands in style on this week long exercise in relaxation. With visits to Hvar, Korcula and Sipan to name a few, there's also ample time to discover the delights of mainland Dubrovnik and chill out in Split. Your photos of the stunning Dalmatian Coastline sunsets won't do justice to the experience of actually being there.

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