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35-year-old Male living in Manila, Philippines

Love to travel and I'm looking forward going back to EXPLORING MORE of Europe - Spain, Hungary, Croatia and more of Greece! I find it exciting meeting new people and possibly making new friends from all over the world, while we explore the exotic places together. Take in some history and their culture along the way, and be astonished by the incredible beauty of each country's breathtaking views... More

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Ended in Amsterdam with NO beard and NO 'stache! Nope nothing, BUT a stash, of some weed and some hash! I Laughed Out Loud, cuz yes I'm proud, that I'm able to spit these rhymes like I've been doing this for sometime. =D Smile says it all, after judging the 23rd High Times Cannabis Cup from Nov. 21 - 25, 2010 in "AmsterJAM!!!" Thanks to all those people who made my trip such a wonderful experience!!! Enjoying all the pleasures of life and what it has to offer!!! Congratulations to all competitors, you've all got me high!!! LMFAO! But more importantly to Tangerine Dream by Barneys Coffeeshop, Kosher Kush by Reserva Privada and Acapulco Gold by Amnesia Seeds!

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