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Kate GlennKate Glenn posted on Alyce's (Alyce) profile

Jess and i are leaving Adelaide on the 10th - we will be in London for a couple of days before... think we are staying at the imperial too Kylee

Posted 3 months ago

AlyceAlyce posted on Alyce's (Alyce) profile

Anyone got days before the tour in London?

Posted 3 months ago

  • JessCaddick


    3 months ago

    Though, it depends on what flights I can book, I may have to have a day or two extra.

  • JessCaddick


    3 months ago

    Probably just one day and night beforehand for me.

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AlyceAlyce (Alyce)

European Vista Departing 13th Septemer 2014

Hi, anyone traveling on this tour?

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