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SarahJSarahJ (SarahJ)

European Escapade May 2013 ?

Hi All, I am looking at doing the European Escapade in May, either the 2nd or 8th? Is anyone else doing this trip? I am just about to book it and am a solo traveller so just want to get a feel of who else will be on this trip? Very excited!!

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SarahJSarahJ (SarahJ)


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SarahJSarahJ (SarahJ)

First time solo traveler.. Europe in May??

Hi Guys, I am a first time solo traveler and am wanting to head over to Europe on a 3-4 week contiki in May and then I plan to work and live in London for a year. Before I lock this in, I just want to get an idea of how many other people do Contiki's solo and if it is recomended? Also are there any other solo travelers doing a Contiki in May?

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