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European Encounter (Winter)


11 countries \ 17 days \ from US$2389 per person

The European Encounter tour is perfect for those who want to see Europe but don't have months to negotiate their way around the continent. You'll have the opportunity to walk in the steps of Roman Emperors in the Roman Forum, cruise the canals of Amsterdam, take in a Parisian cabaret show and rub shoulders with the rich and famous on the French Riviera...all in a little over two weeks!

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Hey. Me and my group (four of us in total) are from Brisbane too! Cant wait to meet you on the European Inspiration (Winter) tour :D

Posted over 3 years ago

  • Renata88


    Hey Andrew! Yay!! That's awesome! Looks like there a few Brisbane people on our tour! :) I'm traveling on my own, so I'm looking forward to meeting everyone! :) So excited for the tour!

    over 3 years ago

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European Inspiration 12th December 2012

Hi, I've just booked this as my first Contiki tour and was curious to find out if anyone else has booked for this date? I'm 23 from Brisbane-Australia and traveling solo, so it would be great to make contact with anyone else on the tour! :)

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European Inspiration (Winter)


10 countries \ 20 days \ from US$2835 per person

The European Inspiration gives you the best of both holiday worlds. A great combination of destinations, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Rome and Paris to name a few, as well as two nights everywhere, giving you time to explore each city in greater detail. Scenic drives through Italy and Austria, a stopover in the heart of the Swiss Alps and plenty of awesome extras that you definitely won't want to miss out on.

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London Explorer (2 nights)


1 country \ 3 days \ from US$345 per person

Why come all the way to Europe and not spend some quality time in the English capital? Add this self-guided package onto your other Contiki holidays and use the time to discover museums, shop on Oxford Street, eat curry on Brick Lane, see a West End show or listen to some of the hottest music coming out of England's famous nightlife. Our Contiki Representatives in central London are on hand to help you out with sightseeing info and tips on getting around so you never have to stress!



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