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fitton2304pete posted on nicole's (nicole) profile

hey nicole, how ya doing?? i jst saw that your staying on in thailand after the tour?? so am i and like you iv not planned nethin ha also noticed your from melbourne??? thats where i am heading after thailand , moving to prahran! where abouts are you from in melbs?? x

Posted over 3 years ago

  • nicole


    I am heading back to Melbs on Feb 11. I <3 St Kilda! I always wanted to move there but it would be such a long commute to school :(. Its def a fun place to go out or spend a day at the beach. As far as the gay men - as far as i know, that is the place to be. Its colder there than here. Its pretty blustery but has barely snowed yet this winter. I will be staying in Phuket for a few days after the tour - there is a nomads in the area. I have had good experiences with their hostels.

    over 3 years ago

  • fitton2304


    Aww bles ya , wen u goin back to melbs?? And New York??? Wow, always wanted to go there... I'm moving to st kilda / prahran / Windsor Iv got a few friends there I know and apparently it's Wher all the gay men are so ... Lol I'm ther ;) I'm jst gonna play it by ear I was thinking stayin in Phuket for a few days then moving on Iv not booked nethin yet.. I jst can't wait to get ther we have 7inch of snow at the moment lol

    over 3 years ago

  • nicole


    Hi pete! Yeah I just booked the rest of my trip yesterday. I will be spending a few extra days in Phuket and until the 11th in Bangkok. :) I do live in Melbourne for school right now, but I am originally from New York. I gave up my apt to come home for the holidays, so right now I'm homeless haha. Why prahran? You have friends/ family over there?

    over 3 years ago

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