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briarmarkbriar mark posted on Rebecca's (Bec_711) profile

Hey! Thanks for the tips in Sydney, we had such an awesome time and the weather was perfect, except for the slight storm in the middle of our holiday :P, we ended up going out to Bondi twice and walked to Coogee as well, such a lovely beach! I did so much shopping on Sydney too which was cool although maybe not that sensible right before the big Europe trip haha. I'd love to stay with you guys that first night in Rome so if you book anything it'd be cool if you let me know the place so I can book too :) hope your having an amazing time in the UK, I'm back to work on Monday for two weeks, boo haha.

Posted over 3 years ago

KristinaKristina Pakina posted on Rebecca's (Bec_711) profile

yeah, it looks good and cheap....I found this If you have skype, add me okristina00 so we can discuss details...I know you are traveling and might not have access to a computer all the time or add me on fb: kristina pakina because I don't get the replies to your thread I guess.

Posted over 3 years ago

  • briarmark


    Hi girls! I arrive in Rome on the 17th as well and would love to stay with you guys too if that's possible, I've never stayed in a hostel before either so would be good to not be completely by myself :). This one you have found here looks really nice Kristina, I'll have a food look tomorrow and see if I can find any other potentials too x

    over 3 years ago

Bec_711Rebecca posted on Rebecca's (Bec_711) profile

Sounds like a great idea, this one looks alright?

Posted over 3 years ago

KristinaKristina Pakina posted on Rebecca's (Bec_711) profile

Hey, so since you are getting to Rome on Sunday do you want to stay at the same hostel? I have never stayed at one before and don't know how safe they are.

Posted over 3 years ago

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