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Anyone here yet ? Anyone want to go out tonight ?

Posted 4 months ago

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Explorer Jan 2016

Hi guys any suggestions on weather to take a backpack or luggage on this tour, as well as suggestions on what to pack or must haves would be great. Thank you

Asked 5 months ago about Peru Argentina South America Latin America (1 response)

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What to pack for the explorer

Will be traveling to peru Argentina and Brazil any tips or suggestions ?

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Default_avatarLorena (Lorena)

What to pack for South America Exlorer?

I'm doing the South America Explorer in January, Any tips on what to pack for this tour

Asked 6 months ago about (0 responses)

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Machu Picchu trek/hike

If you select the trip with the train u still hike some of the way correct? And if so any suggestions on outfits for the hike type of shoes or clothing that's appropriate ? Thank you

Asked 10 months ago about Machu Picchu Peru Machu Picchu Pueblo South America Latin America (2 responses)

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