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28-year-old Female living in Ipswich, Queensland Australia

My name is Felicity but I get called Flick most of the time....

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Contiki Château

I stayed at the contiki Chateau in April 2013 and to be honest it wasn't the greatest. Yes its stunning and has a great view of the vineyards but it was freezing inside, very old rickity bunkbeds with 2 in each in a small room, 1 room with 4 toilets in each and 1 room with about 6 showers in each with boys and girls having to share which wasn't a problem but when there was 50 people just on 1 tour the line up was a little annoying or more with other tours coming, very dark with little light in areas. There was no hot water for the 1st day and night and when your wanting hot water for a shower it got a little bit of a pain. There wasn't much to do. That was my experience with this Chateau that everyone told me about before going on the tour that I went on

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milo_da_vincimilo_da_vinci (milo_da_vinci)

One thing you'd never leave home with out

I have travelled a couple of times and of course I never leave without a toothbrush or clean underwear but there is always something I don't leave without, for me its a new travel journal to write down all the experiences I am having and a photo of my best friend and I What is yours

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Eastern Road-Sept 7 2014

Hey I am doing Eastern Road Sept 7, anyone else going on this tour

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European Experince March 31 2013

Hey, I am booked on this tour, anyone else going.

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