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28-year-old Female living in Brisbane, QLD Australia

I have had the travel bug since I did a high school exchange to the USA for a year in 2005-2006. I've been back there twice, but I'd love to visit somewhere completely new. I'm a journalism & creative writing student and love writing, reading and music. Looking forward to my European Highlights tour this July!

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How many non-definite departures get cancelled?

My boyfriend and I are looking at booking a tour that is not a definite departure date (the European Discovery departing November 4th). It is the only tour that really fits with the dates we have for holidays - we are going to Ireland for a wedding so are limited on time. I am just wondering if anyone has booked a non-definite departure that has actually been cancelled, or what the minimum number of people that have to book a tour is for it to go ahead.

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