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22-year-old Female living in Red Deer, AB Canada

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Cassi WoolmanCassandra Woolman (Cassi Woolman)

The Southern Trail


7 countries \ 22 days \ from US$2225 per person

Always wanted to see the hotspots of Western Europe but thought you couldn't afford it? Think again because this 21 day camping tour shows you everything you've been reading about in those travel guides and more. From Paris to Barcelona, Rome to Athens. And really, what better way to see the world than the original Contiki way. Just you, a bunch of new friends, a tent and a taste for adventure.

Cassi WoolmanCassandra Woolman (Cassi Woolman)

London to Athens


7 countries \ 22 days \ from US$2579 per person

Tailor made for those wishing to travel the Contiki way but at a slightly more relaxed pace. With your 3 nights in Paris we will take time to visit Versailles and see the Palace of Louis XIV, you may also like to head out to Euro Disney in your free time as well as the requisite shopping on the Champs-Élysées and museum visits. Make your way down through Italy via Spain and the French Riviera, chill for a few nights on the Greek island of Corfu before ending your tour in Athens after ticking the Acropolis off your things to do list.

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Cassi WoolmanCassandra Woolman (Cassi Woolman)


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Cassi WoolmanCassandra Woolman (Cassi Woolman)


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Cassi WoolmanCassandra Woolman (Cassi Woolman)

The Easy Rider

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