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Connie ArronisConnie Arronis (Connie Arronis)

North America Electrical Adaptors

Hey everyone. I've purchased some North America adaptors for my Contiki. On the back of the pack, it says that they do not convert voltage. In the Contiki guide mailed out in the wallet, it says that we need to take a power converter to ensure the electrical stuff works. I thought the adaptor would be sufficient on its own since it has the three hole socket for Australian electrical devices. If anyone can provide some clarification on this, it would be really appreciated. Thanks!

Asked 19 days ago about Usa And Canada Best Of Usa Usa And Canada America Usa And Canada (1 response)

Connie ArronisConnie Arronis (Connie Arronis)

Best of USA Contiki luggage

Hey guys! To anyone who has done a 'Best of USA' Contiki, are the staff very strict on people having one suitcase/luggage bag? I'm going from Australia and I am allowed to have two suitcases on my flights, so I'm not sure what to do. Thanks!!

Asked 3 months ago about Usa And Canada Best Of Usa (3 responses)

DesiDesi posted on Connie Arronis's (Connie Arronis) profile

Hey Connie, you planning on going this year Nov?!! Me and my sister are also planning to go.. Where you from if i may ask?! Greets, Desi

Posted 5 months ago

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