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Hi Daniel, I am so jealous you are going on this trip! I wish I could go again! I absolutely loved it! It was by far the best trip of my life! I actually went on the trip with my husband and because of this trip we have gone on other Contiki trips but this one was by far my favorite. Now to your questions- I felt like everything and more was provided on the trip. We were also taken to the play Chicago while we we're in London it was amazing. You always have a choice of going with the group or doing something on your own. Every night we would go out with the group but of course it was not required and they would always help you back to where you were going. You do always have to be on time. They are very punctual which we loved because we are punctual and we never had to wait around for people to get to the location. Our tour guide would leave you for the different events around the city if you were more than about 10 minutes late. We had a few people running after the bus because they weren't on time. At each location they would post the schedule for the days we were in the location. They ask that you take a picture of it to remind you of the events and it stays up in the lobby for the rest of the time you are there. Our tour guide was amazing! His name was Pari and we are still in contact with him. He was very knowledgeable, informative, and he always made me feel safe and comfortable which is something you enjoy when you are in a foreign country. I read what the other lady wrote and that was nothing like our experience. Every tour guide we have meet are very friendly on all three tours we have been on. I would say if that does happen, which I am pretty sure it won't, the headquarters for Contiki is right down the road from the hotel in London so talk to them right away to help fix the problem. So many tours come and go they can easily set you up with another tour guide. They are very easy to work with. You start with about 30 people and then other people will come in go onthe tour. We got really close with the people that started on the tour with us. We are still in contact with them all. We went with another couple and they were more laid back and not as interested in the history and seeing everything, so they did feel a little rushed, but if you are like us and want to see as much as you can while you are there then you will love it. You don't have a long time but you have long enough in my opinion and if you want to spend more time at a location you have a day to yourself at each location so you can go back. Another great thing about the tour is you get to the location and right away you get to enter. Everything is already prearranged so you are not waiting around in line for hours like you would if you were on your own. This was especially nice when you go to the Eiffel Tower which is included in the price.The only downside we thought was in Rome you are on your own. You have a Contiki Representative that picks you up from the train station and takes you to the hotel and takes you to get pizza then they take you to Vatican City, but then you got a train pass and you were on your own. I felt we had a much better time in the other two locations and we were never wondering around lost like we were in Rome. I would also suggest if you have the money try to get a personal room on the train. They assign you spots and you have no idea who you will be with. It is a very, very small space with strangers. We also said if we were to go again we would have gone earlier to London because we loved London and there was so much we could see. I hope this is helpful! If you have any other questions let me know I will be happy to help! Also, if y'all would like to see my pictures on Facebook of everything we did let me know and I can give you my information.

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