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Planning on booking the Contrast May 2012 Tour of Europe ! Message me if you're going on it too or if you have any suggestions or comments ! Really looking forward to the experience and the people !

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Contiki Contrast May 11th, 2012 join the FB group:

Posted almost 3 years ago

contrast2012contrast2012 (contrast2012)

European Contrasts plus Corfu


12 countries \ 30 days \ from US$4385 per person

The perfect trip for those wanting to savour the best parts of Western Europe at a less than hectic pace. Travel days interspersed with free days in cities as well as a 3 day mini-break on a Greek island, this is definitely the best of both worlds when it comes to culture versus relaxation.

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Hey! I'm going on the May 11 European contrast tour. Just wondering if you're planning on touring London before the tour starts?

Posted almost 3 years ago

  • contrast2012


    almost 3 years ago

    I think my sister and I are just going a day before the tour starts and we're just staying in a hostel for the night.

contrast2012contrast2012 (contrast2012)

only a few more months till europe ! so excited !

Posted almost 3 years ago



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