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27-year-old Female living in Australia

Hey my name is Rho, I have only just booked this tour and can't wait to explore and meet new people! :) this is my first contiki tour but I have previously travelled to America and Greece. Would love to hear from anyone also doing this tour or who has already. Looking forward to getting to know u all! :)

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Hello it is nice to meet you.

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  • Rho :)

    Rho :)

    10 months ago

    You too Melissa. If you haven't already find our tour on FB ;) contiki European encounter :)

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Not long now!! :)

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Road to Athens plus 12 Day Greek Island Hopping


10 countries \ 30 days \ from US$5339 per person

Anyone can fly direct to Athens but why fly over Europe when you can take your time & explore the cities at leisure? That's exactly what the Road to Athens tour offers. Paris, Austrian Tyrol, Venice, Florence & Rome with a little bit of Switzerland & Germany thrown in for good measure. Chill on the Isle of Corfu in Greece before reaching the birthplace of democracy, Athens. Then, really slip in to relaxation mode with your Greek Island Cruise around the most famous Cycladic islands: Mykonos, Santorini and Ios. Please note: This version of the tour stays 3 nights in Athens.

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