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27-year-old Female living in Melbourne, VIC Australia

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Katie Katie posted on Carly's (Carlz88) profile

Hey carly, i'm at the royal national tonight, are you and amy planning on going out tonight? If so may i come too? Haha

Posted over 2 years ago

Carlz88Carly posted on Carly's (Carlz88) profile

80 days people! Get excited:)

Posted almost 3 years ago

Carlz88Carly posted on Carly's (Carlz88) profile

Hello Everyone! Amy and I are travelling to europe for 6 weeks! This contiki is at the beginning of our trip. How long is everyone travelling Europe for? Cant wait :)

Posted almost 3 years ago

  • Katie


    almost 3 years ago

    Hey I think im on your contiki(july 4th?). im in europe july 1st-24th, with a few days in london before and finishing in paris for another few

Carlz88Carly (Carlz88)


Uploaded almost 3 years ago

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AmyD2AmyD2 posted on Carly's (Carlz88) profile

Time for you to have a face rather than a cat! :P

Posted about 3 years ago

  • Carlz88


    almost 3 years ago

    Yay I finally figured out how to put some pictures up!

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