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23-year-old Female living in NSW Australia

Deciding on a Europe Summer trip

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Megan TimminsMegan Timmins (Megan Timmins)

Waikiki Explorer (4 nights)


1 country \ 5 days \ from US$585 per person

Ready for the ultimate vacation destination? Want to get your fill of Hawaii's unparalleled physical beauty? We'll set up with accommodation & loads of extras on our 4 night stopover! Perfect as a short holiday in itself, or as a stopover for a few days before or after your North American tour. Spend your time snorkeling, strolling the beach or enjoying a big night out!

SimonSimon posted on Megan Timmins's (Megan Timmins) profile

Cool! but your heading to the states underage!?

Posted over 2 years ago

  • Megan Timmins

    Megan Timmins

    over 2 years ago

    Haha no I'm not that silly! I turn 21 on the 7th of to say I'll be one of the youngest..!

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