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35-year-old Female living in Exeter, Devon UK

For everyone i know around me to be happy and for me to finally realise dreams of things and places ive always dreamed of going, here's to 2010 and so on :)

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North by North East


2 countries \ 13 days \ from US$2255 per person

Take in the fast paced life of New York and Boston, experience the charm, culture and sophistication of Quebec, Montreal and Toronto, get exhilarated by watching the Niagara Falls until you finally head back to the US where you'll see why 'Cleveland Rocks' is this cities unique motto and hold on to your hats as we enter the 'Windy City' of Chicago. While you're on this side of town, join us on the Eastern Discovery for a full ride along the east coast. Or if you want to see even more of the US, we'll see you on the Grand Southern.

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Big Walkabout Review

I'd love to hear about how the tour was, basically as much information as you :) Tips, weather around March time? Things to do, things not to do? Is it expensive in Australia? Most favourite place/experience? Average ages of people on the tour and nationalities? I'd really appreciate your advice, I'm hopefully booking to do the Big Walkabout around March 2014, maybe before if I can Thankyou

Asked about 3 years ago about South Pacific Australia (0 responses)

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Grand Northern or Grand Canadian? Please help...

Hi there, I'm thinking of doing one of the above tours next March 2013 and can't decide which...I'd love to hear from those that have done both tours or one of them what they thought of the tour and maybe which were their favourites. Thankyou Allysa

Asked almost 4 years ago about Usa And Canada Grand Canadian Grand Northern (1 response)

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How well are vegans catered for on Aussie tours?

Just wandering if I should take supplies :)

Asked almost 4 years ago about (0 responses)

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Would love to read Aussie Explorer Tour reviews

From Darwin to Sydney... Is it a memorable trip? I'd really like to hear about your experience...thankyou

Asked almost 4 years ago about South Pacific Australia Aussie Explorer (0 responses)



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