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hey I am going the next week..I arrive the 25 th

Posted about 3 years ago

Default_avatarJoanne (Wontastic)

I've just created a Facebook group for us to meet up and keep in touch. If you're coming feel free to join, it's a closed group but I'll add you guys!

Posted about 3 years ago to the London to Paris May 17-24, 2013 discussion

Default_avatarJoanne (Wontastic)

London and Paris 8 Days time for other stuff

I'm going on the 8 day London-Paris tour and I want to see a bunch of things that are at specific dates and times. For example the Harry Potter WB tour which is 3 hours and has to be booked far in advance. And the Moulin Rouge. How do I know when to book these for so they don't over lap with the tour specific stuff?

Asked about 3 years ago about Europe Moulin Rouge Paris London Tours France England Great Britain United Kingdom (5 responses)



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