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Best of USA (Start Los Angeles)

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TalTal (Tal)

luggage size for best of usa tour

Hi all just wanting to know if the best of usa tour is really strict on luggage size or more so just the weight?? Im stressing my bag might be a little too big by a cm or 2 :(

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TalTal (Tal)

best of usa may 2015

Hey guys im going on the 18th may best of usa tour starting LA I was wondering if anyone else om here is going on that tour at all??? Let me know :)

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TalTal (Tal)

Best of USA may 2015

Hey guys, just wanting to know if anybody knows the deal with definite departures. I am thinking of booking either the 11th may best of USA tour or the 18th may 2015 one however they aren't definite departures.. Does anybody know the possibility of them being cancelled at all???. I just don't want to organise flights and everything with it and then they cancel it and if they do cancel what goes on??? If anybody can give any info on it would be great. Also is there anybody thinking bout doing the same tour round that time??

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TalTal (Tal)

Best if usa

Hey guys was looking into the new dates that have opened up for the best of usa (la-NYC) next may and see its not a definite departure as yet.. Does anybody know the chances of it actually becoming a definite departure and if it doesn't end up going if you have paid what happens then??? I don't want to book it and flights and then it doesn't go but want to book it to get the early discount. Thanks everybody and is there anybody else thinking bout this tour :)

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