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PaigeGarnerPaigeGarner (PaigeGarner)

Hi girls me and my friend are doing London to athens on the 5th of july too .

Posted about 4 years ago

Explorer1327627Explorer1327627 (Explorer1327627)

Yes i am! R u doing the tour? I can't really see any discussions about anyone leaving on the 5th of july so its good to find at least one other person doing the tour, should probably put up a discussion post for that date. When r u flying into London?

Posted about 4 years ago

  • Hayley


    oh cool yeh i am ...iv been talking to another girl kelly who is also on our tour we both get to london on the 2nd ..add me on facebook

    about 4 years ago

HayleyHayley Blackford (Hayley)

hey r u doing the london to athens july 5?

Posted about 4 years ago



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