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Learn to Dive


1 country \ 5 days \ from US$905 per person

The 5 day PADI ‘Open Water’ dive course is by far the most popular way to learn to dive. The adventure of learning to dive combined with staying out on the reef for 2 nights onboard a boat is really unique. The course takes you to 9 of the Great Barrier Reef’s best dive sites & features two days of classroom & in-pool training, then it’s onto the live aboard boat for the actual reef diving. There’s also plenty of time to snorkel, relax & just enjoy the reef experience.

michie2795Michelle (michie2795)

Beaches and Reefs with Sailing (Start Cairns)


1 country \ 16 days \ from US$2475 per person

If you love sun, water, fun & adventure then this is the perfect trip for you. Packed with loads of inclusions, you’ll experience the best of the Aussie East Coast. Get a taste of the action & adventure of Cairns then head to the Whitsundays & jump onboard a yacht for a truly awesome experience – sailing in this slice of paradise. Learn to sail like a pro, or just work on your tan. Learn to surf in Coffs Harbour & experience the hippy Byron vibes. You'll swim, snorkel, maybe hold a koala or two, & even towel off for some shopping, bushwalking, and tandem skydiving if you’re up for it.

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Sunsets and Surf (Start Sydney)


1 country \ 13 days \ from US$2075 per person

Starting Sydney-side, wild life & wild nights await you on the Aussie East Coast! Learn to surf in Coffs Harbour, enjoy whip cracking at a farmstay, maybe hold a koala, then chill in paradise in The Whitsundays, where you’ll spend 2 nights sailing this spectacular area.

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