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Grand Northern

6 8 days to go

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Contiki Grand northern June 27th

Hi Everyone, I've decided to setup a facebook group instead. That's what everyone else has done in the past. Worked out how to set one up. https://www.facebook.com/groups/694068703970656/?bookmark_t=group Will remove the page I previously set-up in a few weeks. On my last Contiki we have a group, then we were able to share photos privately

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back pack size

What backpack size is normally used on Contiki USA tours. I used a pacsafe metrosafe 350 http://pacsafe.com/metrosafe-350-gii-anti-theft-daypack It was a 13l, not bad but just a tad bit small at times. I looked for a bigger bag, a 15l was not big enough so went for the Pacsafe venturesafe 25l http://pacsafe.com/www/index.php?_room=3&_action=detail&id=231&features=specification Now I'm worried that will be too big for the bus or even carry on luggage on the plane. I might just get away with it on the plane. But wanted to see what size bagpacks everyone else uses.

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You'll have to tell me the do's and don't for los angeles! you'll be an expert by the time you get back / I get there [: Is this your first contiki?

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    6 months ago

    I'm only in Los angeles for a few days. Finish the contiki grand northern on the tuesday, fly out thursday night. So enough time to see Universal studios and look around. I did a contiki european inspirations in april 2012. I'll never forget that. I'm staying at travelodge hollywood. Actually worked out the same price as banana boat if you book the single room.

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Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle

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