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Where does the trip end in Athens?

Hi, I am doing the Road to Athens + 3 day Greek Island cruise leaving on the 6th of July - 28th of July and suddenly my plans have changed and I need accommodation for one night at the end. I am looking at Zafolia Hotel in Athens as they amazingly have availability but I need to know where the trip ends so I can figure out how to get there…..where have past tours ended specifically in Athens?

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MeganMegan (Megan)

Anyone for Road to Athens + 3 day cruise 1st July

Just wondering who else is planning on doing the Road to Athens + 3 day Greek Island Cruise from the 1st of July to the 21st? Just put my deposit down so just interested to see who else is going?

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MeganMegan (Megan)


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MeganMegan (Megan)

Extra Night in Santorini after 3 day cruise

Hi everyone, So I'm thinking of doing the Road to Athens tour + 3 day Greek Island cruise which starts in the 1st July and ends on the 21st.....and was thinking of staying an extra night in santorini (oia) at the end of the tour, rather than taking the transfer back to athens and just do my own transfer later in the evening or even the next day....just wondering has anyone done this before? or known of people who have done this? bit hesitant on going from a group environment to totally on my own.....

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