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32-year-old living in Brasília, DF Brasil

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Asian Adventure


3 countries \ 14 days \ from US$2129 per person

Get into the best of Thailand, Laos & Cambodia in 14 incredible days. Be part of the buzz & bright lights of Bangkok before a change of scene in the Mekong with its rice paddy & sugar fields & coconut palms. The low key vibes of Laos, with its small villages, saffron robed monks & French colonial past are up next, before Angkor Wat & Ta Prohm in Cambodia's jungle & a slice of Phnom Penh.

FernandaQuaresma (Fernanda)

Asian Adventure - August 11th

Hi! Is anyone doing this trip?

Asked about 4 years ago about (2 responses)

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FernandaQuaresma (Fernanda)

Asian Adventure - August 11th

Hi, guys! I've just booked up Asian Adventure Trip, starting on August 11th. Is anyone doing the same tour? It's my first solo trip, and I can't wait to meet new people. :)

Asked about 4 years ago about (3 responses)

FernandaQuaresma (Fernanda)


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