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30-year-old Female living in Palmerston North, New Zealand

Hey all! Amping for this trip!!! Not long to go. Am from Palmy, NZ and cant wait to see europe and meet you all ;)

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lol woops so im 26 turning 27 in france woopwoop!

Posted almost 4 years ago

Default_avatarNikole posted on Helen's (Helen) profile

Hahaha helen!!! I cracked up hard when i saw your age!!! I know your not anywhere near 13! Love it :p

Posted almost 4 years ago

MarkMark posted on Helen's (Helen) profile

Helen, very much looking forward to this trip and meeting some great people. Not long now, your profile days you are 13, if you managed that, can I just say awesome work with the fake id to pass for this trip. :p

Posted almost 4 years ago



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