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katey14Kate (katey14)

Spanish Spree


2 countries \ 14 days \ from US$2505 per person

Immerse yourself & dive into the culture of unforgettable Spain. The Spanish Spree trip is the perfect blend of culture & partying. See the Royal Palace in Madrid, the Alhambra in Granada & the Rock of Gibraltar, then cap off a fantastic holiday by watching the sun set over the Mediterranean on the beaches of Ibiza.

katey14Kate (katey14)

We Heart Coachella

0 countries

katey14Kate (katey14)

The Big Walkabout (Start Sydney)


1 country \ 26 days \ from US$4355 per person

The incredible mix of landscapes, activities, friendly people & adventure is what makes Aussie so unique. If you’re wanting a taste of it all then this is the perfect way! Starting off Sydney-side, experience the endless landscapes of the Top End & the unmissable colours of the Red Centre icons like Kings Canyon, Uluru & the Olgas. Beach fun is on the cards too with loads of time on the East Coast. It’s all about fun & getting amongst the good times in one of the world’s most fascinating places.

katey14Kate (katey14)

The Big Walkabout with Sailing (Start Sydney)


1 country \ 26 days \ from US$4615 per person

The incredible mix of landscapes, activities & friendly people is what makes Aussie so unique. If you want to taste it all, then this is the trip for you. Up first, beach fun with loads of time on the East Coast, including two days sailing in the Whitsundays. Jump aboard & learn the sailing ropes as you experience an Aussie gem. Later, discover the Top End's endless landscapes & the colours of the Red Centre icons like Kings Canyon. It’s all about good times & great memories in one of the world’s most amazing places!

katey14Kate (katey14)

Canada & the Rockies plus Calgary Stampede


2 countries \ 13 days \ from US$2555 per person

Experience the Canadian Rockies, have some fun, chill out & challenge yourself in Canada's dynamic duo of provinces: Alberta & British Columbia. Their diverse physical beauty - from Whistler to Banff to Vancouver & everywhere between - feature the greatest of the great outdoors. Take a hike or ride a bike along the many scenic, wildlife-laced trails. Better yet, we'll put you on a gondola, horseback or helicopter for the endless to-die-for photo opportunities. You'll also get a taste of the world famous rodeo, the Calgary Stampede.

katey14Kate (katey14)

The Powder Rush


1 country \ 9 days \ from US$1975 per person

Love the mountain life, but love exploring too? This small group adventure is a holiday plus ski or boarding trip all rolled into one epic trip - the perfect winter experience at some of the Canada’s best winter destinations. Carve it up!

katey14Kate (katey14)

Grand Northern


2 countries \ 26 days \ from US$4115 per person

With 20 states & 2 Canadian provinces, get ready to go local. Start in the Big Apple before it’s all about Canada, America’s Great Lakes & Chicago en route to the American West. Chill at 4 National Parks before LAS Vegas.

katey14Kate (katey14)

Grand Southern (Start Los Angeles)


1 country \ 26 days \ from US$3651 per person

Southern delicacies include chicken and ribs, biscuits and gravy, and more curiously, Elvis' favorite Graceland snack, a peanut butter and banana concoction. But here's food for thought: Our equally eclectic travel menu of mouth-watering southern destinations, nicely sandwiched between prime left- and right-coast stop-overs. Get a taste of Texas, full servings of Memphis and New Orleans, and a naughty nibble of Las Vegas, before a final bite in the Big Apple, New York City.

katey14Kate (katey14)

The Adventurer (Start Rio)


3 countries \ 25 days \ from n/a per person

The ultimate trip for those that love to explore, this trip has Peru, Argentina, & Brazil covered. From jungles, cool locals & mind-blowing sights, to waterfalls, beaches and big cities, no day is quite like the next.

katey14Kate (katey14)

Thai Island Hopper West


1 country \ 9 days \ from US$955 per person

Some of the world's best beaches in some of the ultimate places to chill make this Thai Island Hopper trip a must. From busy Phuket, head to paradise on legendary Koh Phi Phi, before Krabi & its amazing scenery. Treat yourself to a relaxing Thai massage, visit ‘The Beach’ and soak up the sun from the white sandy shoreline or sea canoe in the beautiful clear waters. It’s your choice to relax, indulge or party until the sun comes up…

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katey14Kate (katey14)



Uploaded over 1 year ago

katey14Kate (katey14)

Greek Island Hopping


1 country \ 13 days \ from US$1852 per person

If you were going to make a Greek island your holiday destination, you'd be faced with the tough decision of which one to choose, so we've put together a holiday that combines three of the best! Mykonos, Santorini and Ios are at your disposal and with three nights on each, you have plenty of time to shop, dine, relax or party. There's also time for wining, dining and sightseeing in the capital, Athens, at the beginning and end of your island stay. The perfect combination of culture, relaxation and partying, Greek style!

katey14Kate (katey14)



Uploaded over 1 year ago

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