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30-year-old Female living in Auckland, New Zealand

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nzkiwinzkiwi (nzkiwi)

Who's going on Wild Western August 2015?

Hi, I'm from New Zealand I'm thinking of doing this tour. Not sure what date yet. Will most likely stay the day before and the day after. Is anyone else going in August?

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nzkiwinzkiwi (nzkiwi)

European Adventurer July/August 2015? 37 days.

Hi. I'm from New Zealand & I was wondering if anyone is thinking of doing this tour around July or August 2015? I'm traveling solo, so I'm a bit nervous. Also thinking of spending a few days earlier in London as my cousin lives there.

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nzkiwinzkiwi (nzkiwi)



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  • nzkiwi


    7 months ago

    Hobbiton - Matamata New Zealand

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